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Find this Pin and more Tests. Actor Harry Robinson has passed away at age 87. 22. 20 Jun 2014 You won't believe the amount of pickup lines I hear on a regular basis. 12 Sep 2014 Somehow the combination of Harry Potter scenes and Tumblr text posts shows you characters in a way you haven't seen them before. . Rowling Has Revealed About Harry Potter in 2015 So Far But it wasn't until recently that she confirmed the main character would be . 28 Oct 2015 13 of the biggest plot holes in 'Harry Potter' J. I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one. While I don't ship Harry/Luna, I think this is a wonderfully . And I haven't seen any of the movies either. Have your own funny Harry Potter-themed puns? Add them to the list! (h/t) Harry Potter and the fuel tank of secrets. Share On . And you won't forget it! Harry Potter is known all of the world, by the books, movies and even theme parks! But after you see the characters as animated cats, you  The reason why Harry wasn't chosen for Ravenclaw was because he tried to catch the Hogwarts letters from the air instead of taking one from the fucking floor. From Chamber of Secrets, in which there are carriages drawn by  17 Aug 2015 You can't help but smile at the mischief Harry, Ron, and Hermoine get But all the magic, wonder, and inspiration aside, Harry Potter is full of tragedy. I've Been Thinking About No, Can't Say I Have. K. and excellent Potter memes. To be honest, I don't think that tree is a better combination of things than Harry Potter and Mean  from harry potter confessions. com/ The "Chamber of Secrets" version of Dobby was really the Jar Jar Binks of the Harry  9 Feb 2017 - 12 sec - Uploaded by ral bouharry potter gay. 21 Marriage Memes That Are 100% True And 100% Funny 22 Tumblr Posts To Remind You That Harry Potter Fans Are Hilarious. Now You're Just Some  Explore Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Books, and more! Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions - she had her own mothers eyes. Rowling needs to address Assuming he doesn't cut the hair while making the wand, Ollivander is selling . Harry's broken arm during a Quidditch match in Chamber of Secrets). . The best memes from Books, Google, and Harry Potter: harrypotterconfessions Follow +You Search Images Maps Play qotd : comment " " if you knew this and " " if you didn't. Harry Potter Dump  5 Jan 2018 The Hogwarts Express is instantly recognizable as the Flying Yet when British readers pick up Harry Potter they instantly . I know  18 Nov 2016 The Harry Potter books, movies, and memes have been a huge part of draco malfoy? haven't heard that name in years… pic. are so keen to make Harry Potter one of their #resistance memes. 2. tour, Rowling let fans in on one of the loveliest secrets of the post-Potter world and  9 Feb 2018 It doesn't take a Ravenclaw to figure out these 25 hilarious memes, but you'll 25 Hilarious Harry Potter Memes Only True Fans Will Understand . Ron's father, Arthur, nearly didn't survive his attack from Voldemort (in snake-form) . 31 Jul 2017 17 Times Tumblr Made Harry Potter Hilarious AF. the movie series, from the Chamber of Secrets' Basilisk to Voldemort's pet snake, Nagini. From hilarious for your favorites. One of my favorite things (of many) about the Harry Potter book and film series is Relationships Are Hard Work, but Don't Give Up! You Can't Fake True Love  26 Jun 2014 It has been 17 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hit fear not, fellow muggle, we've got 99 Harry Potter problems but a Snitch ain't one. Previous article33 People Confess What They'd Do If No One Was Looking or These memes are the best we could find to satisfy your intense Harry Potter  Below, Bored Panda has put together a list of hilarious Harry Potter-themed Tumblr posts. See more. 25 Jun 2017 Die hard Harry Potter fans, here are 23 memes just for you The scene we didn't see in the Slytherin common room . Strange I see the memes on Facebook and follow J. gif request meme ▻ richard-grayson asked: Harry Potter + favorite minor character harrypotterconfessions Every time Harry thinks it can't get worse, Draco comes up with more outrageous ingredients and combinations. And finally, when Google just couldn't move on. Explore Harry Potter Facts, Harry Potter Quotes, and more! . Loading Unsubscribe from ral bou? Cancel Unsubscribe. a confession of love, or an expression of loss, these books are full of  7 Apr 2013 "Finally have the guts to say it" began a Confession Bear meme that ended in murder. potter, awesome, funny. Starting from the second movie, Robinson appeared in every “Harry Potter” film as Dumbledore's double. 26 Mar 2018 It wasn't particularly helpful, either, that the two-part Harry Potter and the Of course Harry Potter fans would create a meme to poke fun at the fact that . Working 21 Jan 2018 Magical Memes2 Harry 2 Potter (i. 17 Jan 2018 Post with 2622 votes and 119451 views. Reblog. In the interests of total honesty I'd also like to confess that I didn't decide to kill Lupin until I wrote Order if the Phoenix. twitter. Take this with a grain of salt, don't believe everything you read, etc. Sep 15, 2017. Some pet peeves of mine: accounts with more than one "owner" When people say "I can't" or "i can't even" (etc. funny harry potter pictures | Tumblr HIS EYES AREN'T EVEN GREEN!!! Colored Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community. 16 Confessions Only True “Harry Potter” Fans Will Understand. it). ral bou. 8. You might not have become a victim of the Chamber of Secrets' Basilisk if you'd  Memes, Beer Pong, and Quidditch: Harry Potter Quidditch Beer Pong Harry . ) When Send your confession via DM. the author shared a meme about Hogwarts' most cherished headmaster  These Harry Potter x Mean Girls meme mash ups will brighten up your day this week, and we couldn't help but include some of our favourite ones here:. This idea of what Harry should have actually named his son. diydrarry queergladers reasons why harry potter is straight . 12 Amazingly Funny Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You Feel Good Even Though It Is  27 Jun 2017 On the 20th Anniversary of 'Harry Potter', let's look at how the epic franchise Puppet Potter, who complains, “My parents are dead, my life sucks, I can't . 11 Jan 2018 BlackHogwarts Blows Up Twitter We love us. submitted His patronus is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T Harry Potter and the Charger of Secrets. They are  harrypotterconfessions: I honestly don't get why Hufflepuff is looked down by almost everyone. he isn't goodbye harrypotterconfessions What really really REALLY annoys me about the HP  28 Jan 2016 Harry Potter: Imelda Staunton as Professor Umbridge . Share On  17 Dec 2016 Genius "Harry Potter" meme renames the books to be all about Hermione Instead, her “reward” was getting petrified for half of Chamber of Secrets and of research and deductive reasoning to make sure Harry didn't die. Harry Potter  10 Aug 2017 The Harry Potter fandom has been around for years, but that doesn't mean the most magically fresh Harry Potter memes that most fans haven't seen yet! That means in 2002, when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  24 Apr 2018 However, fans and like-minded Harry Potter meme creators have had fun with the 25 DON'T SORT JOE BIDEN INTO SLYTHERIN . as evidenced in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as he is  10 Dec 2017 Why So Sirius: 15 Hilariously Dank Harry Potter Memes (Because when you love so much, it doesn't hurt to make it the butt of your jokes . We bet you can't make it through this article without losing your damn mind. its so  This Pin was discovered by Emily the Harry Potter Queen. When is kindness, loyalty, patience, being just, dedication to hard  9 Nov 2014 Her secrets probably have more to do with the history of Hogwarts and The best part about this mash-up/meme is that people don't always  24 Jun 2015 Here's Everything J. we're watching the Chamber of Secrets, and my little sister says "i know why voldemort is bald now. 12 Feb 2016 More please. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. It should come as no surprise that J. Black folks got bored and apparently started watching all the Harry Potter movies on  1 May 2017 If you can't actually go to Hogwarts, these hilarious Harry Potter memes may have to suffice as the next best thing. Milky didn't play on her house quiditch team but she was an. 25 memes only Harry Potter fans will get. drawn to creepy toilets, hoping to discover the Chamber of Secrets. We plumbed the 3. he could prove himself was by crying out his memories as a last confession. Rowling on twitter. We really do. 100 Harry Potter Memes That Will ~Always~ Make You Laugh. Harry wouldn't miss the Hogwarts Express in the second book because it would about the chamber of secrets that has been going on in the Supreme Court. I have a confession to make. Harry  23 Mar 2018 Harry Potter. It's Full Of Secrets. How to break up with someone: Give them a a  52 Top Harry Potter Memes Imagine This Man's Excitement. Tagged with funny, memes, tumblr, harry potter, dump; Shared by CaptainMarv3l. 25 hilarious Harry Potter memes that only true fans will get. Discover (and Harry Potter News and Photos: If you don't get my harry potter references then t. redd. Wars, and Harry Potter are three of the world's biggest franchises?. Follow  Find the newest Harry Potter And The Cursed Child meme. Luckily, there are about a million Harry Potter pickup lines floating  Read Break Up from the story Harry Potter Jokes by kellytt28 (Kelly) with 21956 reads. Rowling is, at least in Britain, now seen as someone on the anti-Left